Specializing in the production of high-quality speaker metal parts


For high quality and low cost manufacturing , provide technical solution


Specializing in the production of high-quality speaker metal parts


The products we have successfully developed include: automobile generator claw poles, starter parts, transmission system parts, gears, etc., which are now in mass production.



Strive to become a leader in the field of cold/warm/hot precision forging

We are committed to the research and development of new processes and technologies and have nearly 20 utility model patents. We provide technical solutions for high-quality, low-cost manufacturing, and can bring you more favorable prices and higher-quality products.

1998 Y


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Utility patent

10000 T

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Stepping into the forging industry for more than 20 years, leading the industry in terms of factory scale and production experience

Creating an excellent team and building a mindset, and successfully completing the experiential training for Fengying Electroacoustic Management Cadres

Building an excellent team is the goal that every enterprise strives for. The company took this as its original intention. On June 1st, our management team arrived at the Fenghua Xikou Expansion Training Base for a day and night of experiential training. I hope that through this expansion activity, our Fengying team will have a higher morale and a new look in our work!

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What benefits does laser cutting machine bring to enterprises?

Traditional industrial processing involves a series of complex operations such as measuring and drawing lines on the workpiece before cutting it, which is a waste of time. However, laser cutting machines use computer control technology to achieve cutting. As long as the cutting program is input into the computer, the laser cutting machine can easily achieve perfect cutting according to the program; Next is the cutting speed, which is many times faster than traditional cutting machines, greatly improving production efficiency.

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Prevent from "burning" - The company conducts fire emergency drills

In order to further strengthen the fire safety education, improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, and enhance the ability of employees to deal with fire self prevention and self rescue, on the afternoon of November 5, the company carried out a Fire drill in the plant area, and all personnel participated.

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All of our Fengying people will continue to improve and improve customer satisfaction, and strive to build the company into a high-tech enterprise in the field of cold, warm and hot precision forging.


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